Why A New Theory?

I finally got my slide presentation to upload properly. It might be easier to follow than the paper or book, but it's hard for me to tell. The file contains all of the details about how ultrawaves work to create matter and energy. Doing this work hi-lighted some of the details that I may not have been clear about, or even correct about, in the book and paper. The book needs a good rewriting and I just finished rewriting the paper. The paper is not like most scientific papers you will find. Its format is quite a bit less formal. That seemed the best way, since there was so much to include. There are still details in the book that can't be found anywhere else.


I implore you to read the four pages below "CONTACT" in the left-hand column. They contain information that is independent of UT, and show that a physical nature to the quantum is implied by the contents of the pages. It is much too easy to look at a new theory, such as UT, that contradicts one of the most important foundations of the Standard Model, Quantum Theory, and dismiss it without any valid reason. When seeing the information on these four pages and then looking at how UT demands such outcomes and behaviors, it is much harder to dismiss ultrawaves.

Anyone who does not try to understand the full implications of ultrawave theory will automatically believe that it must be wrong. One must expend the effort necessary to reap the rewards. No one who looked at the book initially wanted to take the time to wade through the descriptions and explanations that were necessary to describe the theory to those who have not had formal training in physics; especially with my less than stellar writing skills. It was necessary to condense the theory for those who had little time to devote to examining it, but who were much more knowledgeable. As much simplicity as possible was retained in the paper for the benefit of those not specializing in particle physics. The result is the first downloadable file found near the end of this page.

For all of those who still want to just dismiss the theory without really trying to understand it, ask yourself these questions:

Why can't Relativity and Quantum Mechanics be combined in the SM, but UT has no problem with relativity and quantum behaviors being compatible by its natural application of locality and the appearance of nonlocality to each independently?

How is it that all spin-1/2 particle behavior can be easily quantified with well known macroscopic matter equations using only the assumptions of a superluminal velocity and a two-dimensional, string-brane underpinning?

The SM requires multiple explanations for the dearth of anti-matter, the one-handedness of neutrinos, and the nature of energy, such as eletromagnetic energy; how can UT do it so straightforwardly with only the items in the previous question?

And finally, how can something that already does so much also give a reason why the magnetic constant of the electron is exactly 4piE-7? Simply by using an exact superluminal velocity for ultrawaves, the magnetic constant is shown to be related to the electron's radii sizes. This same velocity—no other velocity works—also allows the quantization of qravity at the particle level!

The items mentioned above constitute an inordinate number of coincidences for even a collection of various types of theories to be able to achieve, let alone a single one that has only a few components and ideas. Doesn't it make sense to check out something this powerful, even if you don't see how it could be right? After all, unlike normal string theories that can't easily be tested, this one has many relatively simple tests that can be performed to differentiate between it and the SM. (Simple here is a relative term. It is not something that can be done by any individual. A large investment in time, money, and equipment is necessary to perform any of the tests needed.)

One thing that cannot be overlooked about UT is its simplicity and exactitude. Even if it were possible to prove that UT was completely wrong in its underlying assumptions, it makes no difference to the use of the equations. Everything that can be defined about matter, energy, and gravity works absolutely and perfectly. This is a physical theory, and as such it is as accurate as the measurements of the constants allow. It is mind boggling to think that anyone would reject using a simpler method to examine the subatomic world, and stick with the convoluted system currently available. I must admit that probability equations are necessary for many interactions, since predictions are nearly impossible with constantly moving objects that have unusual interaction mechanisms. Even so, there is a deterministic order underlying the behavior and not a strange non-deterministic one as dictated by the SM's quantum theory.

I removed the short paper on UT for a while hoping to get more people to read the book, which is much more detailed and hence convincing. The last update included a change of the torus surface area designator. If you have an earlier version, you should replace it with this one. (Last uploaded on 11/25/2012).

Ultrawave Theory, the First Step to a Theory of Everything

The book was edited and last placed here on 11-24-2012, so let me know if you find any further mistakes (see "contact" page). I crammed as much information as was possible onto each page, so that the book would be printable on 8-1/2 by 11 paper using as few pages as possible for anyone who did not want to read it on a screen.

I look forward to your comments, such as: Am I misinformed about, or have misrepresented any current theory? Does a paragraph not seem clear? Is it too hard to understand a particular concept as it is described? Explain why you disagree with a particular idea. Is there an experiment or experimental data that already exists that is able to prove UT? Or, just tell me what you think about the format of the book and its contents.

Chapter 16 of the book dealing with gravity has been updated, as well as any other information that was either inaccurate or incomplete in the other chapters. I highly recommend that you replace any older version of the book you may have with the updated one below. It is now at a point where I am not capable of improving it further on my own, and will need assistance in identifying mistakes and obtuse language.

Ultrawave Theory (the book)